Deng Yongfeng


Yongfeng DENG

Professor, Ph.D

Institute of Geotechnical Engineering

School of Transportation

Southeast University

Nanjing 210096

P. R. China

Tel: +86 25 83792776



2005Ph.D.Southeast University (Highway and Railway Engineering)

2002M.Eng.Southeast University (Geotechnical Engineering)

1999B.Eng.Chongqing Jiaotong University (Port and Channel Engineering)

Major Research Interests:

Soil Behaviours under Evolution of Geological Environment

Geotechnical Testing Method and Underground Structure

Ground Improvement and Soil Modification

Research Projects :

(1) Strength Generation Mechanism and Control Technique of Cement-Stabilized Soft Clay Based on Gradation and Cementation Effects, Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51878159), 2019-2022

(2) Activity Excitation of Steel Slag-Metakaolin Composite Geopolymer and Macro/Micro Behavior of Stabilized Soft Clays, Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 41572280), 2016-2019;

(3) Pore Water Effect on Hydro-Mechanical Behavior of Natural Soft Clays under Desalination Condition, Natural Science Foundation of China (No.51378117), 2014-2017;

(4) High-Performance Modified Materials Bases on Function Design in Ground Improvement, Six Talents Peak Project in Jiangsu Province, P.R.China, 2015-2017;

(5) Physical and Mechanical Properties of Structural Clay under Salinity Environment, Scientific Research Foundation for Returned Scholars, Ministry of Education of China (No. 2012-1707), 2012-2013;

(6) Theory and Evaluation on Mechanical Disturbance of Natural Structural Soft Clay, Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 50908049), 2010-2012

(7) Application and Evaluation of Ground Improvement Technology in Linhai Highway, Highway Department of Jiangsu Province, 2010-2013;

(8) ONDRAF/NIRAS: Laboratory Research on Geomechanical Properties of Essen Clay at Difference Depths Including Geochemical Impact on Its Geomechanical Properties, 2008-2009Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France

Selected Publications:

1Wu Z.L., Deng Y.F.*, Cui Y.J., Zhou A.N., Feng Q., Xue H.C. 2018. Re-investigation on Secondary Consolidation Behavior of Reconstituted Soft Clays, International Journal of Geomechanics, Online.

2Deng Y.F., Liu L., Cui Y.J., Feng Q.*, Chen X.L., He N. 2018. Colloid effect on Clogging Mechanism of Hydraulic Reclamation Mud Improved by Vacuum Preloading. Canadian Geotechnical Journal. Online.

3Deng Y.F.*, Zhang T.W., Zhao Y., Liu Q.W., Wang Q. 2017. Mechanical Behavior and Microstructure of Steel Slag-based Composite and Its Application for Soft Clay Stabilization. European Journal of Environment and Civil Engineering, Online.

4Deng Y.F.*, Liu Q.W., Cui Y.J., Wang Q. and Liu S.Y. 2019. Transformation of Clay Geometry in View of Relation between Specific Surface Area and Soil Consistency. Journal of Testing and Evaluation, 49(2). DOI: 10.1520/JTE20170257.

5Chu C.F., Wu Z.L., Deng Y.F.*, Chen Y.G. and Wang Q. 2017. Applicability and Amendment of Burland Compressibility Theory for Sand-Clay Mixture. Canadian Geotechnical Journal. 56:926-932.

6Deng Y.F.*, Wu Z.L., Cui Y.J. and Liu S.Y. and Wang Q. 2017. Sand Fraction Effect on the Hydro-Mechanical Behavior of Sand-Clay Mixture. Applied Clay Science, 135:355361.

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(8) Deng Y.F.*, Yue X.B., Liu S.Y., Chen Y.G. and Zhang D.W. 2015. Hydraulic Conductivity of Cement-stabilized Marine Clay with Metakaolin and its Correlation with Pore Size Distribution. Engineering Geology. 193:46152.

(9) Zhang T.W., Yue X.B., Deng Y.F.*, Zhang D.W., Liu S.Y. 2014. Mechanical behaviour and Micro-structure of Cement-stabilised Marine Clay with a Metakaolin Agent. Construction and Building Materials. 73:5157

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(14) Deng Y.F., Cui Y.J., Tang A.M., Nguyen X.P., Li X.L. and Van Geet M. 2011. Investigating the Pore- water Chemistry Effects on the Volume Change Behaviour of Boom Clay. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth. 36:1905-1912.