Zhang Yong



ZHANG Yong (Jason), Ph. D.

School ofTransportation


35#Jinxianghe Road, Nanjing210096,P.R.China

Phone/Fax: +86-25-83790074




2003-2006Ph.D. in TransportationEngineering, SchoolofTransportation,Southeast University

2000-2003M.S. inTransportation Engineering, Department of Transportation, Chang’an University

1996-2000B.S.inTransportationEngineering, Department of Transportation, Chang’an University



lSustainable Transportation

lCivil Logistics Engineering

lIntelligent Transportation System

lTransportation safetymanagement



Principle Investigator:

2009-present Principle Investigator sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology (ChineseTransportation Safety Action Plan-Project 5#):Key Technologies of Improving National TransportationSafety and Their Application

2008-2010Principle Investigator sponsored by Ministry of Education: Study on City Traffic Management OptimizationModel Based on Network Balance

2008-2009Principle Investigator sponsored by Ministryof Public Security: Research on DynamicSimulation for City Traffic Management and DSS Development

2009-2010Principle Investigator sponsored by Transportation ScienceProgram of Lian Yungang City: Research on the Framework and SystemofMulti-modalTransportation in Lian Yungang City

2011-presentPrinciple Investigator sponsored by TransportationScience Program of Nanjing city: Studyon the Technologies and DSS Development to Monitor the Energy Consumption andGHG emission in Freight Transportation in Nanjing

2010-presentPrinciple Investigator sponsored by Science Fundingof Southeast University:Study on the Trip Chain Characteristics of CityTrucks and Some Effects on Air Quality

2011-presentPrinciple Investigatorsponsored by Science Program of Hebei Province: Study on Low-carbon Transportation Development Strategy

2010-presentPrinciple Investigator sponsoredby the National Science Foundation of China(NSFC): Study on Coordination Mechanism of Biomass Supply Chainunder Disruptions

2010-presentPrinciple Investigator sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China: Studyon Coordination Mechanism of Bio-fuel Supply Chain under Disruptions

2009-2010Principle Investigator sponsored by Soft Science Program of Nanjing:Research onStrategies and Patterns of Low-carbon Logistics for Road Freight Transport Industry in Nanjing

2006-2010PrincipleInvestigator sponsored by Anhui Province Government, AnhuiProvince Government, Jiangsu Province Government, Guiyang Government, JiashanGovernment, and Suqian Government : Regional/CityLogisticsSystemPlanning and Optimization Projects; City LogisticsPark/DCDesign Projects

lProjectsof Guiyang City “Conceptual Planning ofJinyang Logistics Park”, “Conceptual and Controlling Planning of Ergezhai RTC ”,“Conceptual and Controlling Planning of Container Changing Logistics Center”,and “Revision of Modern Logistics Planning”

lProject of Transportation Management Agency of Anhui “Research on Anhui Modern Logistics Development of TransportationIndustry”

lSoft Program of Henan Transportation Department “Research on patterns and methods ofDeveloping Modern Logistics with Traditional Road Transportation Station”

lProject of Henan Transportation Management Agency “Research on Logistics Key technology and Application of TraditionalWarehousing Enterprises”

lProject of Anhui TransportationDepartment “Research on Key Technologyof Modern Logistics Planning in Anhui Transportation Industry”

lProject of Jiangsu Economic and Commercial Committee “Establish 11.5 development planof Jiangsu Modern Logistics”

lProject of Henan Transportation Management Agency “Planning ofZhengzhou International Main-Way Logistics”

lProject of Suqian City “Planof Suqian city Logistics”

lProject of Development andReformCommission of Changzhou “Planningand Design of Changzhou Benniu Logistics Center”


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