Gu Xingyu


Xingyu Gu


Vice dean of school of transportation

Member of 8th Tibet Aid Program of the Organization Department of the Communist Party China Central Committee



School of Transportation, Southeast University 2# Southeast University Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing, 21189, China

Tel: 13915936786




Prof. Gu received a Ph.D. degree in highway and railway engineering from Southeast University in 2002. He was a visiting scholar at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (2010.4-2011.4). Prof. Gu has served as the PI over fifty research projects including the National Key Research and Development Program of China, the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu province. He published more than 30 SCI and EI expanded papers and was awarded second prize at the provincial and ministerial level once and third prize at the provincial and ministerial level for 4 times.


Research Interests

Material and structure of road and airport pavement; Road and airport pavement maintenance and management; Nondestructive testing technology of road and airport pavements; Pavement recycling technology.


Funded Research

(1)The National Key Research and Development Program of China Research on Key Measurement Testing Technology and Equipment of Pavement Bridge Based on Laser Scanning and 3D Mapping TechnologySubject: Pavement apparent damage measurement technology and standard device based on image and three-dimensional mapping fusion, 2017-2021.(PI)

(2)Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China Study on Mesoscopic Cracking Mechanism of Recycled Asphalt Mortar Based on Embedded MD/FEM Multi-Scale Coupling, 2019-2022.(PI)

(3)Program of Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu provinceStudy on Microscopic Strength Mechanism and Failure Mechanism of High Asphalt Mixing Plant Mixed with Hot Recycled Asphalt Mixture, 2015-2018.(PI)

(4)Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China Study on Mechanism and Control Index of Cracking and Thrusting of Continuously Reinforced Cement Concrete Pavement with Basalt Fiber Reinforcement, 2012-2014.(PI)

(5)Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China Study on Crack Development Behavior and Crack Resistance Mechanism of Emulsified Asphalt Cold Recycled Mixture, 2012-2015.(Participate)

(6)Western Traffic Construction Science and Technology Project of the Ministry of TransportationStudy on the application of eucommia gum and phase change material composite modified asphalt in the construction of western highway, 2006-2008, Third Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Xinjiang Construction Corps.(PI)

(7)PLA Air Force Logistics Department Research on Construction Standards and New Technology Application of Military Helicopter Airport Field Engineering, 2007-2009, Second prize for military science and technology progress.(PI)

(8)Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transport Grand Special Project“Research on Intelligent Maintenance and Long-term Preservation Technology of Highway Pavement”Subject“Research on Mechanical Response Monitoring and Full-scale Test of Expressway Asphalt Pavement Structure , 2016-2019.(PI)

(9)Zhejiang Provincial Highway Bureau Project Application of Ash-filled Soil in Roadbed Filling of Jiaxing Highway, 2013-2015.(PI)

(10)Nanjing Science and Technology Project Research on Theory and Application Technology of Low Impact Development of Sponge City Road, 2014-2016. ( PI)

(11)Jiangsu Provincial Highway Bureau Project Research on Material and Structure of Drainage Pavement of Main Road, 2015-2017.(PI)


Selected publications

(1)Gu Xingyu, Yu Bin*, Dong Qiao. Application of secondary steel slag in subgrade: Performance evaluation and enhancement. JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION. 2018, 181: 102-108.

(2)Gu Xingyu, Zhang Xiaoyuan*, Lv Junxiu. Establishment and verification of prediction models of creep instability points of asphalt mixtures at high temperatures. CONSTRUCTION AND BUILDING MATERIALS. 2018, 171: 303-311.

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(12)Gu Xingyu, Dong Qiao*, Yuan Qingquan, Development of an Innovative Uniaxial Compression Test to Evaluate Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Mixtures, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS IN CIVIL ENGINEERING, 2015, 27(1): 100~106.

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