Sang Luo




Associate Professor

Intelligent Transportation System Research Center, Southeast University, Nanjing, 210096 P.R.China

Tel: (86) 133-0158-6366

Fax: (86) 025-83792869




Gussasphalt Mixture; Steel Deck Pavement; Eeo-friendly Pavement; Pavement Maintenance; Pavement Performance Modeling



Southeast University,   Nanjing, China

University   of South Florida, USA


Southeast University,   Nanjing, China

Southeast   University, Nanjing, China

University   of California, Berkeley, USA

Pavement   Engineering


Pavement   Engineering


Pavement   Engineering


Civil/Transportation Engineering

Pavement   Engineering

Associate   Professor (2014-present)

Visitor   Scholar (2012.02-2012.04)

Assistant   Professor (2010-2014)



Visitor   Scholar (2008~2009)

Southeast University,   Nanjing, China

Civil/Transportation Engineering

B.S. (2000~2004)


  • Second Award of National Science and Technology Progress, National Office for Science & Technology Award of P.R.C., 2011

  • First Place Award of Teaching Competition for Youth Teachers, Southeast University, 2011


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  • Aging Mechanics of Gussasphalt under the super-high temperature, National Natural Science Fund (No. 50148125), January 2015 to present

  • Key Technology Research on Pavement of Long-span Steel Deck Bridges, National Key Technologies R&D Program (No. 2009BAG15B03), July 2009 to June 2012

  • Microstructure and Mechanics Performance of Epoxy Resin Modified Asphalt Binder, National Natural Science Fund (No. 50878053), January 2009~Decemenber 2011

  • Laboratory evaluation of noise and durability properties of asphalt surface mixes, Partnered Pavement Research Program of Caltrans and UCPRC (No.UCPRC-WP-2007-04), September 2008~June 2009

  • Research on Fatigue Damage and Life Estimation for Asphalt Concrete Pavement on Steel Bridge Deck, National Natural Science Fund (No. 50578038), January 2007~November 2008

  • Research on Crack Extension Model for Steel Bridge Deck Pavement Based on Distributed Optical Fiber Sensor, National Natural Science Fund (No. 50658001), January 2007~November 2007

  • Research on Design Theory and Method for Pavement on Long Span Steel Bridge Deck, Ph.D. Programs Found of Ministry of Education (No. 20050286008), January 2006~June 2008

  • Research on Design of Steel Deck Pavement on Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge

  • Research on Design of Steel Deck Pavement on Wuhan Yangluo Yangtze River Bridge