Shi Minglei


Ming-Lei SHI(1962~), From Zhanhua areas of Shandong Province China, associate professor, master tutor. Received a PhD in engineering (Road and Railway Engineering) of Southeast University in 2001.He served successively as deputy director of geotechnical engineering research and director of underground engineering at the School of Transportation Southeast University.

The main research directions area: the pile-soil coupling effect in simplified analytical method for pile-soil-cap interaction of the sparse pile foundation and the load transfer mechanism of passive horizontal pile; Research on the physical and chemical compatibility mechanisms of special bulk materials particles with cement based materials, and the stable materials utilization in engineering.

The National Natural Science Foundation of China had supported one of his studies. He had presided over the completion of two key logistics projects of the PLA and several provincial and municipal science and technology projects. The research results have published more than 100 papers (four papers were retrieved by SCI) and have obtained four national invention patent licenses. Published and edited 1 undergraduate textbook.

He won 1 second prize of national science and technology progress award, 1 first prize of the entire army science and technology progress award and 2 first prize of science and technology progress award of Jiangsu Province.