Zhao Yongli


Yongli Zhao, Ph. D



School of Transportation

Southeast University,

Southeast University Rd 2#, Nanjing, 211189

E-mail: yl.zhao@seu.edu.cn

Tel: 13951023995

Education Experience

1989.9-1993.7 Bachelor Degree

Southeast University

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Undergraduate student

1993.9-1996.7 Master Degree

Southeast University

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Graduate student

1999.3-2005.9 Doctor Degree

Southeast University

School of Transportation

Doctoral student

Research Areas

1.Theory and method of structural design for old road reconstruction

The tests, evaluation and recycling of the residual performance of the old road are focused on.

2.Theoretical study on asphalt mixture design

Theoretical and practical model of asphalt mixture design is established from the view of gradation mechanism and microstructure composition of mixture.

3.Research on recycling technology of asphalt pavement

The regeneration mechanism and regenerated technical standard of asphalt mixture are studied in order to save resources and reduce pollution.

4.Study on the preparation and performance of functional engineering materials

According to the requirements of different performance, composite technology is adopted to prepare engineering materials with special function, such as high performance cement concrete, melting ice and snow pavement materials, drainage pavement etc.

Teaching Works

1.Civil Engineering Materials

2.Highway Construction Technology

3.Subgrade and Pavement Detection Technology

4.Principle and Method of Pavement Material Design

5.Modern Subgrade and Pavement Materials

Research Projects

1.National Natural Science Foundation Project:

Research on Recycling Technology of Modified Asphalt Pavement. 2008-2011.

2.National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program):

Technology of Recycling and Utilization of Drainage Asphalt Pavement and Asphalt Pavement. 2002-2005.

Study on Fatigue Simulation of Asphalt Pavement Structure and Its Application in Long Life Pavement. 2007-2009.

3.Western Project of the Ministry of Communications:

Study on Ultra-thin Pavement Technology of Bridge Deck in Western China. 2007-2009.

Research on Technical Foundation platform of Highway Construction in Frozen soil region of Qinghai-Xizang Plateau. 2007-2009.

Research on Performance Recovery and Recycling Technology of Modified Asphalt and SMA Pavement. 2008-2010.

4.Department of Communications Project of Jiangsu:

Research on Hot in-place Recycling Technology for SMA Pavement. 2006-2008.

5.Department of Communications Project of Henan:

Research on Typical Structure and Applicable Technology of Recycled Asphalt Pavement. 2009-2011.

6.Science and Technology Bureau Project of Suzhou:

Recycling Technology and Industrialization of Asphalt Pavement in Suzhou. 2011-2012.


1.HUANG, Xiaoming, ZHAO, Yongli, GAO, Ying. Civil Engineering Materials. Southeast University Press, 2007.

2.HUANG, Xiaoming, ZHAO, Yongli, GAO, Ying. Principle and Method of Pavement Material Design. People's Communication Press, 2006.

3.HUANG, Xiaoming, WU, Shaopeng, ZHAO, Yongli. Asphalt and Asphalt Mixture. Southeast University Press, 2002.

Selected Publications

1.ZHAO, Yongli, LIU, Tianzhen. Simulation analysis of safety performance of vehicle in collision with rigid guardrail and semi-rigid guardrail. Journal of Southeast University, 2012.

2.ZHAO, Yongli, GU, Fan, HUANG, Xiaoming. Analysis of Aging Characteristics of SBS Modified Asphalt Based on FTIR. Journal of building materials, 2011.

3.ZHAO, Yongli, HUANG, Xiaoming. Design Method and Performance for Large Stone Porous Asphalt Mixtures. Journal of Wuhan University of Technology Materials Science, 2010.

4.ZHAO, Yongli, GU, Fan, XU, Jing, JIN Jin. Analysis of Aging Mechanism of SBS Polymer Modified Asphalt Based on Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrum. Journal of Wuhan University of Technology Materials Science, 2010.

5.ZHAO, Yongli, XU, Tao, HUANG, Xiaoming. New Calculation Method of Transient Temperature Field in Concrete Pavement under Tunnel Fire. Journal of Wuhan University of Technology, 2010.

6.ZHAO, Yongli, ZHANG, Dong. Research on low temperature shrinkage crack of Asphalt pavement based on cohesion Model. Highway Traffic Technology, 2010.


1.Environmentally Friendly Tunnel with Flame-retardant SMA. National Invention Patent. ZL200710021453.2

2.Pavement Material of Inorganic Flame Retardant and SMA. National Invention Patent. ZL200710021648.7

3.A Regenerator of Waste Rubber Powder and Its Preparation Method. National Invention Patent. ZL201010288500.1

Selected Honors and Awards

1.First Award of Science and Technology Progress in Shandong Province, 2007.

2.Second Award of Science and Technology Progress in Qinghai Province, 2007.

3.Third Award of Science and Technology Progress in Jiangsu Province, 2009.

Expectations of students

1.Solid Professional Knowledge

2.Extensive Thought

3.Mathematical and Mechanical Analysis Skills

4.Passion for the Major

5.A Steadfast Character