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The “Hui Cui Yi Tang” 2017 Theatrical Shows Opens

At 9:30 pm, on December 10, 2017, as the curtain of the central stage at Jiaotingbiao Auditorium fell to the ground, the hit drama The Mousetrap finished its last scene, representing a perfect ending of “Hui Cui Yi Tang” theatrical shows.


From Dec 6th to 8th to 10th, in three days we have been greatly impressed by the romantic atmosphere of the choral Flipped; We have never before experienced the charm of music play in the concert Struggle and Fight; We have been totally amazed by The Mousetrap for the beauty and animation of drama. Overallwith meticulous and effortful rounds of rehearsals, performers finally provided a series of splendid shows to the audience and won over thunderous applause and triumphant cheers in return.


I look at the moon from afar, but sadly I have no idea where you are and when you will see the sunrise.


On December 6, 2017, the chorale Flipped, organized by JOIN Chorus and assisted by JOIN Guitar Club, had its debut at Jiaotingbiao Auditorium. Distinctly different from previous music dramas, this year Flipped succeeded in visualizing a love-themed radio program on the actual stage. During the show two anchors’ vigorous chatting weaved through 13 romantic songs, navigating the audience through different love stories. As a result, engaged viewers may have such feeling like this: when love has become something too reluctant to accept for unspoken reasons, heart throbbing caused by new excitement is hard to pursue; someday in the future someone who loves you may be waiting for you at a crossroads and you should bear in mind that a happy story never ends.


Play the lyre, fight through the heaven and remedy the breach.


On December 8, 2017, the concert Fight through the heaven, hosted by JOIN Instrument Club, ended perfectly as well. It’s the first time that JOIN Instrument Club tried to combine Chinese folk music with western music even with A limited set of musical instruments. Each and every member of JOIN Instrument Club, from freshman to junior students, fully participated in the preparation, rehearsal and live performance. This original music show successfully delivered one of our dreams and pursuits: there is no absolute opposition or conflict between Western and Chinese music, and seeking the common aesthetics in music is the essence of cultural exchange between China and the West.


Let us catch the last mouse.

Seventy years have gone since the premiere of The Mousetrap. On December 10, 2017, based on this awe-striking masterpiece, JOIN Drama Club officially presented The Mousetrap ( their adapted version) on the stage, illustrating a mysterious story happened in a hotel blocked by snowstorm. Several continuous murders covered the hotel with obscure mist. However, after the rigorous deduction, all those clues lead to an unexpected ending. With the help of music and stage light, the vivid expression of the charactersemotions and the detailed reasoning process made us come back for more good performance in the near future.


The year of 2017 has come to its end. In retrospect, JOIN Art Troupe has created so much fantastic memory. We wish that we would still hold the initial passion in our next year’s reunion. See you next December.