Goedesy and Surveying Engineering

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In November 2000, Department of Surveying Engineering, SEU was officially established. Surveying Engineering is an ancient discipline. Today Surveying has entered a high-tech field which based on Space Science and Information Science. Therefore, the scope of application of surveying discipline and its clients become more and more widely. In the field of Transportation engineering, surveying and information technology is playing an active role, such as GIS technology in Transportation, Precision Surveying technology in Transportation Engineering, GPS technology and ITS and so on. The Department of Surveying Engineering, SEU played a role in promoting mutual. In recent years, Surveying Engineering, with Transportation Engineering, has undertaken a large number of research projects, including a number of national projects, truly reflects the intersection and integration of disciplines, technical integration and support each other. With strong academic team, reasonable knowledge structure and age structure, surveying engineering contains clear interdisciplinarycharacteristics, and have a great potential.


  Major Research Directions

   Theory and Method of Deformation Monitoring

   Theory and Application Satellite Navigation and Positioning

   Precision Transportation Engineering Surveying Technology


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