School of Transportation is recognized nationally as a leader in transportation engineering education. As the core discipline, The Transportation Engineering Program ranks the first in the most recent national discipline ranking conducted by the Ministry of Education of China in 2016. Below is what School of Transportation looks like:


  · 205 active faculty members (including 54 professors, 70 associate professors)

 · 1 Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: Huang Wei

 · 1 National Renowned Teacher: Wang Wei

 · 3 “Cheong Kong Scholar” Distinguished professors: Huang Wei, Wang Wei & Sun Lu

 · 5 members of National Recruitment Program of Global Experts: Ran Bin, Victor Li, Ye Zhirui, Liu Zhiyuan & Xie Yuanchang


· 1313 undergraduate students, 763 master students, and 285 doctoral students

· 31% of the student body are women

 · 34 International students

 · Average employment rate is 99%

 · 30% of undergrads and 84% grads are employed in key sectors of enterprises, municipalities, and research institutes in 2017

Number of Students by Program:

Fall 2017

Undergraduate EnrollmentGraduate Enrollment

NOTE: Since 2015 fall, bachelor students of School of Transportation are enrolled in two categories: 

Transportation Engineering (covering 6 major branches) and Surveying & Mapping (including GIS

and Goedsy & Surveying Engineering).