Among all the university in China, there are so few of them that are born with privileges of rich cultural and and political background, and breathtaking natural environment as Southeast University. It's hard to imagine a better place for an aspiring engineer. Located in the center of Nanjing, the campus has covenient accessibillity by public transportation. Metro Line 1, 3 and 4 directly reach the campus and it only takes 20 minutes walking to Xinjiekou district and 40 minutes to the Nanjing South Railway Station by metro.

The campus is surrounded by so many possibilities for recreation, cultural and wonderful local restaurants as you can imagine. One station away near Daxinggong you can explore two museums: the Oriental Metropolitan Museum designed by the famous architect Leoh Ming Pei and the Jiangning Imperial Silk Manufacturing Museum. The modern building between two museums is the Nanjing Library, the third biggest library in China with a collection of over 11 million books.

In the north of the campus are the city's famous landmarks: the 1500 old Jiming Temple and the Xuanwu Lake, along with Nanjing's ancient Ming Dynasty Wall, listed as a monument of national importance. The best time to visit the temple is in early April as a street of cherry blossoms down the temple will surely impress your eyes. Taking a casual walk by the Xuanwu Lake you can see the city's tallest building Zifeng poiting to the sky like a iron sword. Hidden in the lake park are many historic sites taking you deeper into the city's true vibe.

2 kilometers west of the campus is Nanjing University and Nanjing Normal University where you can find many good local restaurants, cafes and bookshops. Indoor and outdoor activities and salons held by international students often take place in that area and you can always own a unique experience in cultural comminication in the neighboring universities.