The discipline of cartography and geographic information engineering has the awarding authority of master degree. Geographic information engineering department has the awarding authority of doctoral degree in the secondary discipline “Traffic surveying and mapping and information technology”, in addition to undergraduate program in geographic information system (GIS).

This discipline takes transportation as the main application field, with the application of GIS in transportation as its focus research area. The discipline conducted researches on the fundamental geographic information system’s theory and technology, the application of geographic information system for transportation and the integration of remote sensing and geographic information system. There are 11 full-time teachers including 7 Professors and associate professors. In recent years it has undertaken more than 10 projects such as the national 973 project, ten-five plan research project, the national natural science foundation projects, the national science and technology supporting projects, Jiangsu province natural science foundation projects, traffic science research projects in jiangsu province, along with many application research of GIS and the GIS-T engineering. It won national prize for progress in science and technology, provincial and ministerial progress prize in science and technology. Currently it is committed to the research and development of network GIS, space information visualization, traffic system virtual reality technology.


Major Research Directions

   · Traffic geographic information system (GIS-T) technology

   · Integration of 3 S (RS, GIS, GPS)

   · Technology and application of VR-GIS

   · Remote sensing information’s processing integration and analysis