Faced with many career options as a Ph.D. graduate, he decided to become a selected graduate, taking root at the grassroots and serving the public.


In 2013, Li Shen entered Southeast University and began his Ph.D. study journey. When asked about his greatest achievement in SEU, he was proud of his expertise in scientific research projects, especially in transportation planning, with the support and guidance of his tutors. He also developed a deeper understanding in transportation engineering. In his view, from Didi Taxi to sharing bicycles, the modern transportation ways are making our lives more and more convenient. Transportation is actually a kind of service, which combines knowledge with practice.


Li Shen has always wanted to work as a teacher in college or go to a research institute after graduation, like other Ph.D. graduates around him. But when he found the recruitment notice for his hometown Shaanxi Province, he realized that returning home was an wonderful choice. Nowadays, China has been vigorously promoting The Belt and Road initiative. Shaanxi Province, as an important node of The Belt and Road strategy, has ushered in rare opportunities for development. Shaanxi is rich in tourism resources and industry is flourishing in Xi'an and other major cities. Once transportation is improved, Shaanxi will enjoy even broader prospect for development, said Li, who has always been dreaming of making an effort to the development of his hometown.


Li’s family was worried when knowing his will to be a selected graduate. Stepping into middle age, Li Shen has to think carefully about the future of his family. After all, a family requires two to negotiate and understand each other. Li eventually persuaded his wife, who worked in Anhui Province in east China then, to take children with them to Shaanxi in northwest China. As a husband and a father, he has an obligation to support his family, and once he becomes a selected graduate, he is duty-bound to work for everyone. He thanked his wife for her support, so that he could devote himself to his work. Patriotism encouraged Li to dedicate his youth to the public. When it comes to working at the grassroots level, Li repeatedly mentioned his understanding of the staff of the government organs. He believed that public servants should serve the people with heart and soul. He wishes he could use his expertise into his work and better make contributions to his hometown in the future.