The Joint Education Program for SoutheastUniversity-Monash University Transportation Engineering Master's degree aims tocultivate graduates majoring in Transportation Engineering. Graduates meetingthe requirements can get the Master's degree of Transportation Engineering fromboth Southeast University and Monash University. This discipline was awarded asnational key discipline respectively in 2001 and 2007, and ranked second in thereview of the first level discipline in 2009. The echelon of this disciplinewas awarded for many times as the innovative team of the Ministry of Educationand the excellent disciplinary echelon of Jiangsu province. In the echelonthere includes National Star Teachers, winners of science fund for National ExcellentYouths, national distinguished experts of “Thousands of Talents”, distinguishedprofessors crowned as “Cheung Kong Scholars” as well as candidates of national“ Thousands of Talents Project” and “Excellent Talents of New Century” of theMinistry of Education. Through unremitting efforts in the research in suchfields as transportation planning and management, transportation control,transportation simulation, intelligent transportation, we have achieved greataccomplishments. In recent years, we have assumed 26 relevant projects under “NationalProgram 973”,“National Program 863”, “NationalEleventh-Five Year Technology Support Program”, NSFC as well as key ministerialand provincial projects. Independent and innovative, we have we have won 3 prizes of theNational Science and Technology Progress Award, over ten provincial andministerial scientific and technological progress awards, over 10 nationalpatents and 6 software copyrights. We have built the SEU sub-center of RoadTraffic Management Engineering Technology Research Center, the Key Laboratoryof Transportation Planning and Management of Jiangsu Province and theIntelligent Transportation Research Center of SEU, and there is more than 10million RMB’s value of large-scale experimental instruments.

Thediscipline of Transportation in Australia’s Monash University, which enjoys ahistory of more than 40 years, was founded in 1969. It takes the leadingposition in the field of Transportation in Australia and enjoys a highreputation in the International Academic Circle.



This joint education plan, based on the advantages of both sides in the field of transportationengineering, requires that through learning of the Master period, students havea solid knowledge of the basic theories and systematic professional knowledgeof transportation infrastructure as well as planning and modern management oftransportation system, have an overall understanding of the developmentaltendency of Transportation Engineering and be able to undertake practical workand scientific research. Besides, they are also expected to have good teamspirit, communication ability and the ability to solve complicatedtransportation problems so as to become the technical leaders in the field oftransportation planning and management engineering.

Orientation of Research:

UrbanTraffic Planning and Management

RegionalTransport System Planning and Management

RoadTraffic Operation and Safety

Sustainable Development of Urban Traffic System andITS


Way of Education:

A full-time learningsystem is adopted, and the duration of education is usually 2 years with amaximum of 3 years. “1+1”mode is adopted. Specifically, the first stage, “the stage of course learning”,mainly focuses on the teaching of basic theories and methods as well as theimprovement of practical ability; the second stage, “the stage of engineeringpractice and thesis writing”, is completed in the practice base, based on whichthe practice report and thesis is completed under the co-guidance of the tutorsfrom SEU and Monash University. Those dual-degree postgraduate students whocomplete all the courses, professional practice, compulsory part and thesis asrequired shall be granted graduation diploma and Master’s degree from both SEUand Monash.

Compulsory Part

1. Practice. In principle, the practice should last 1 year at leastand it includes university practical project training and corporate on-siteinternship. Currently there are over 30 internship base. Students may choose tohave internship in the enterprises that has close connection with their major.For detailed practice table, please see Appendix 2.

2.Attend at least 3 public lectures, which are grouped into 6 categories:mathematics, physics, chemistry, dynamics, humanities, medicine.

3. Participate in academic activities and the training of thesis writing.Participate in academic activities at least twice and write one academic paperqualified to be published in the collection of papers of the School or otherpublications.





Read atleast 30 literature works concerning the subject of the thesis and orientationof research, of which at least 10 works in foreign languages. Meanwhile, writea literature review.



The thesis must becomplete and systematic, well structured and clearly conceptualized withreasonable argumentation, reliable data, correct calculation, clear icons aswell as conforming to the “Regulations of Thesis Format for the Postgraduate Students of Southeast University”.


Academic Level ofDissertation

The thesis, technicallychallenging and heavy, which can be an applied paper or case study or aresearch report of an engineering design, should be closely linked to thepractice in this field and be of definite application value.