Introduction to Fundamentals of urban public transport

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Fundamentals of Urban Public Transport

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Graham Currie


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Transportation Engineering

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Urban Public Transport: Transit Systems


University of

Salford Press

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No Way to Go: Transportation and Social Disadvantage in Australian Communities

Graham Currie, Janet Stanley and John Stanley


University Press

Introduction to the Course (including objectives and requirements)

Thisunit is a professional optional course for graduate students, usingEnglish as its teaching language. The course focuses on the comprehensive andsystematic introduction to the basic theories and analysis ofthe road public transportation system. Combined with specificresearch projects and through extensive reading and classdiscussions, this course aims at stimulating students' interest inthe study and developing students’ ability to independently study andresearch the projects in related fields. Meantime, the course will givethe students a full range of academic training in English study.

Thecourse mainly explains the public transportation system fromdifferent angles such as, the supply / market, demand/operating and facilities. Policy analysis includes the strategy, andpolitical content related to the public transportation services. Thesupply / market mainly introduce the content related to themarket and bus drivers. Demand /operating and facilitiesintroduce the problems of various public transportations in operating,engineering and technology.

Combinedwith the basic knowledge in the field of public transportation, thiscourse will give the students a full range of academic training inEnglish study. The course focuses on training the following abilities ofthe students:

1.The ability to consult the relevant research data: For a researchtopic, students will be asked to consult the relevantliterature. On this basis, make a summary on the related issues in the past research.The course will help the students know: How to findinformation? What information should be checked? Where tofind information? How to sum up information?

2.The ability to read and comprehend English scientific and technicalliterature: Through a large number of English literature readings,students’ ability to read scientific papers will be improved;meanwhile, the students will have a macro-understanding of thedevelopment of public transportation system in theinternational area so as to expand their international horizons.

3.The ability to independently undertake scientific research projects: Thestudents will be asked to choose a topic in the field of public transportationsystem, consult the related literature, receive the related data, analyze thedata, and summarize the results.

4.English skills training: Every student will be required to make atleast two English reports in class, including a report for the course paper anda reading report, with students’ class discussion on the contents of thereports.

5.Teamwork ability: 2-3 students are regarded as a unit; thestudents of one unit will accomplish a specific research task together, andcompete with other units. Through this kind of training, students’ ability tomake the teamwork and handle the division of labor will be developed.

Introduction to the Main Instructor:

GrahamCurrie, male, professor, Doctoral Supervisor; the first professor in the fieldof public transportation; has more than 30 years of work experience in the globallyadvanced transportation research institution. (Institute of TransportationEngineering in London included)

ProfessorCurrie presides over various public transportation study projects in Australiaand works as advisory consultant in Asia and North America.Because of his authority in the field of publictransportation, he presided over a series of projects like the transportationsystem projects in Atlanta and Sydney Summer Olympics. He also worked as themajor advisory consultant for Athens Olympic Games in 2004 and London Olympicsin 2012.

Mainresearch interests: Public Transportation Networks and Planning Method, TrafficDemand Planning & Management, Bus Priority Systems Design & Evaluation,Public Traffic Demand Forecasting and Modeling, Public Transportation inAustralia Rural Places, Public Transportation and Major Event Planning & Organization.

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Graham Currie

Transportation Engineering