It has been said that engineering is the liberal arts of the 21st century------because it's fundamental to so many other fields. And since School of Transportation offers nearly every possible sub-discipline, you can pursue specific passion. Whichever field you choose, you'll find that our engineering students all receive a robust, multidisciplinary education. They have direct access to top facility, who happen to be some of the brightest minds in their professions. They're hand-on in the lab or studio. And they're all driven to find the most innovative, impactful ways to change the world.

In this part you can find what makes up our faculty, what our programs are about, how the Monash Program is offering, and the global communication our school take part in. You can also see our collaboration with the world top universities and research institutes from a clear image. The programs contains 7 majors: transportation planning management, highway and railway engineering, geotechnical engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, vehicle operation engineering, goedsy and survey engineering, port waterway and coastal engineering and ITS. What makes us unique and the leading discipline in China is shown in the following chapters.