The School of Transportation integrating the work philosophy of being united  and people oriented, innovative and pioneering, practical and dilligent and the school culture of solidarity, honesty, persistence and generosity, strive to develop a distinctive brand of students' activities. Having held a series of creative, attractive and influential activities on and off campus and cultivated a lot of outstanding students and collectivities, the School has acquired various awards and honors like the National May 4th Red Flag Youth League Branch, May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee of Jiangsu Province, Advanced Class of Jiangsu Province, Social Practice Advanced Collectivity of Jiangsu Province. The School has also won the championship repeatedly in a number of university-level sports contests. Each student is full of presence, belonging and hapiness under the active atmosphere featuring endeavor and harmony.

Up to now we have taken active part in the univetsity's various activites like sports events, volunteer activites, dancing competitions, drama festivals and etc. Not only we own many awards from these activities, but also we love to experience the world from various angles and to gid out everyone's potential to change our lives. We hope there is always one group that you can feel like home and to start to enjoy your stay here, because it's really a cool place to be.

We embrace students from from all over the world to join us, to develop their leadership skills, to learn how to fit in the International environment, to have a good balance between your work and life and to create professional connections. Wish everyone have fun!