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Pei Minshan

Pei Minshan, senior engineer, graduated from Highway & Urban Road Engineering in Southeast University in 1992. And now he is the general manager and the deputy secretary of party committee of China Traffic Highway Planning and Design Institute co. LTD, and the chairman of the 6th council of China Highway Survey and Design Association.

Pei Minshan has participated in the design and research of Nanjing Yangtze River No.2 Bridge, Sutong Bridge and other long-span bridges, and presided over the completion of a number of national science and technology support plan, national 863 plan and other major research projects.

During his study in our college, Pei Minshan firmly believed that knowledge can change one's fate. Like many rural peers, he tried to change his life by studying hard. Therefore, his academic performance has been excellent, which laid a solid foundation for his future development.

He once said: My major is Highway and Urban Road Engineering. At that time, the road and bridge major is not widely known by the public and this major is still relatively unpopular, the competition is not fierce. But when I was about to graduate, I was just in time to catch up with the beginning of the big development of national highway and large bridge construction, the time of learning road and bridge major suddenly became the most precious time of youth.