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Wang Wei

Dr. Wei Wang is the dean of the School of Transportation and the director of the Division of Civil, Architecture and Transportation Engineering at the Southeast University. He is currently serving as the leader of the advisory board for the national “smooth traffic” program in China, as well as the convener of the national graduate committee for Transportation Engineering under the academic degree committee of the state council. He also holds leadership positions in professional associations such as the Academic Committee of China's Urban Transportation Planning and the national Academic Committee of Intelligent Transportation Systems.

During the past 28 years, Dr. Wang has focused on teaching and conducting research in the areas of transportation system planning and management, traffic flow theory and highway capacity, as well as intelligent transportation systems. He has served as PIs for more than 45 research projects, including 2 project sponsored by the National Basic Research Program of China, 6 projects sponsored by National Key Technologies R & D Program of China, 9 projects sponsored by China’s National Scientific Foundation, as well as more than 30 projects sponsored by provincial or local governments. The total research funding exceeds 50 million RMB. Dr. Wang Wei has authored more than 200 papers in referred journals and conference proceedings, and published 9 books. He also holds 39 invention patents.

Dr. Wang is the recipient of numerous national awards. He is the recipient of 4 National Science & Technology Awards (second class), 2 National Teaching Awards (second class), and 18 Provincial Science & Technology Awards. In recognition of his significant contributions to education and research in Transportation Engineering in China, Dr. Wang received the National Outstanding Teacher award in 2008 and the National Outstanding Youth Fund in 1998.