Master's International Student Studying Program Session


Serial   numberTraining   session                           Descriptions                  Remarks
       1RegistratingArriving at   school in time, register online and register at the department, usually   around the end of August each year.
      2Submiting   Training planDevelop a   training plan under the guidance ofthe supervisor and submit it online, Make three copies; one for   student, one for supervisor, and one to be submitted to Room 304 of the   School of Transportation. To be completed within two weeks of school.
     3Online course selectionEach semester   courses/plan will be submitted online in the specified time according to the   training plan and two copies shall be printed;.one for secretary of the   department (Room 304, the School of Transportation) and the other one for   graduate student. Generally completed within two weeks of the start of each   semester.
    4CourseStudyDegree courses   cannot be changed as per the university policy, and non-degree courses can be changed   according to the specific course duration. It should normally be completed   within one academic year after enrollment.
    5Social Practice   TrainingFill in the   assessment form of the academic master's postgraduate practice session, and   the instructor will sign it and submit it to Room 304 of the School of   Transportation for approval. Completed before the end of the fourth semester   (see the attached table for details).Academic   Master's Postgraduate Social Practice Assessment Form:东南大学学术型硕士研究生实践环节考核表.doc
    6Listening   Liberal Arts& Scientific Literacy   LectureListen to at   least 3 series of lectures. At the end of the third semester, 3 cards should   be collected and submitted to Room 304 of the School of Transportation.

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   7Academic   Seminar & Academic MeetingDuring the   period of study, you should participate in academic activities at least twice   in the subject area, fill in the record of academic activities of Southeast   University students, sign from the instructor, and submit the experience of   each participating academic activity as an attachment.


 Southeast   University Postgraduateacademic   activity record Form:东南大学研究生参加学术活动记录表.doc

    8Application for   dissertation proposal & Submit the information of the proposalSubmit the   application for dissertation proposal online within one week in advance.   After finishing it, submit the results of the proposal online, and print two   paper-proposal reports. The proposal team will sign it and the supervisorwill sign it then sending to Room 304.Southeast   University academic postgraduate thesis opening report:东南大学学术型研究生学位论文开题报告及论文工作实施计划.doc
    9Mid-term   assessmentPrerequisites   must be completed with credits and the proposal . The mid-term assessment   form requires 3-5 peopleof master's   supervisor at least , and then handed over to Room 304 .Southeast   University Master's Mid-term assessment Form:东南大学硕士研究生中期考核表.doc
    10Application for   Dissertation DefenceThe application   for dissertation defense may be submitted half a year after the propsal   online at least.print 2 copies of the   application form for defense with the tutor sign, andthe secretary of room 304 sign. Upload the   dissertation in the blind review format online (requires no information from   the author himselfand his supervisor   ). Thengo to Room 102 of Jizhong   Building for blind-review andwill be   giventwo copies of the transcripts .
    11Dissertation   defense & Submiting the result of dissertation defensePlease bring   your copy oftranscript to Room 304 of   the school of Transportationto   receive the application form for master's degree, portfolio, and graduate   portfolio materials. Fill in the application form of the degree to the list   of members of Thesis Defence Committee on page 7 and go to Room 304 to take   the Voting ballots .
    12Application for   DegreeAfter having   finished the dissertation defense, submit the results of the defence and the   degree application , and upload the final thesis online.