Shao Rongguang

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Deng Xuejun

Class of 1956, Civil Engineering of Nanjing Institute of Technology

“Reviewing my life, the thing that made myself most proud of is that I have cultivated 2 academicians, 44 doctors and 78 masters. Now through their own efforts, they have grown into the backbone of China's transportation industry. This is what I am most proud of as an ordinary teacher!”

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Lin Ming

Class of 1978, Port, Waterway & Coastal Engineering

"Follow your heart and move on."

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Yang Tao

Class of 1981, Transportation Planning & Management

"Do not be a city planner with no feelings and passion. Dreams and passion are significant for planners. "

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Wang Rengui

Class of 1984, Highway & Railway Engineering

"bridges are not changeless, and they need to be innovated constantly."

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Pei Minshan

Class of 1988, Highway & Railway Engineering

"Knowledge can change one's fate."

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Wang Shuangjie

Class of 2001 Ph.D, Highway & Railway Engineering

“I know how much I will suffer before I leave, but I didn’t expect it to be so bitter.”

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Liu Xiaodong

Class of 1992, Highway & Railway Engineering

“A good engineer should have the basic knowledge of philosophical and dialectic way of thinking. And my three steps of design work is: technical method first, construction second, calculation the last. ”

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Li Zhibin

Class of 2002, Transportation Planning & Management

'Like many American scholars who love to hangout in cafes nearby the campus, I used to sit by the table with a cup of coffee in the cafe, with my head totally inspired by the atmosphere, ideas and solutions come out naturally.'

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Liu Zhiyuan

Class of 2003, Transportation Planning & Management

"Interest is the best teacher." 

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Wang Junxiang

Class of 2009 master, Highway & Railway Engineering

"Helping dropout school girls back to school and kindle their life dreams."

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Li Shen

Class of 2017 Ph.D, Transportation Planning & Management

He believed that public servants should serve the people with heart and soul. He wishes he could use his expertise into his work and better make contributions to his hometown in the future.

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