The Department of Port, Waterway and Coastal Engineering in the Southeast University is the inheritor of the discipline of port and waterway engineering which was established in 1950s. Nowadays, the Department has been authorized to offer programs of study leading to the degree of Bachelor of Engineering, Master of Engineering in port, waterway and coastal engineering. The number of the faculty in this department is thirteen, including one professor and six associate professor.

Over the past ten years, the Department of Port, Waterway and Coastal Engineering emphases the areas of waterborne transportation engineering, port and coastal structure engineering, hydrodynamics and coastal engineering. The Department has been won three Prizes Provincial and Departmental Prizes for progress in science and technology. The typical research projects funded by the government and enterprises include port and waterway planning, maritime safety planning, inland waterway transportation engineering, post-assessment and risk analysis of port and waterway engineering, new structure and pile foundation of port and waterway structure, coupling model of city rain and flood water, numerical simulations of hydrodynamics and sediment in port, waterway and coastal engineering, forecast of storm surge extreme water level and so on.

Major Research Directions

   ·   Waterborne transportation engineering

   ·   Port, waterway and coastal structures and its foundation

   ·   Hydrodynamics of river, estuary and coast and engineering sediment

   ·   Coastal engineering