The ITS Research Center (ITS Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education) at the Southeast University builds on two disciplines: Traffic information engineering and control and Road and railway engineering. It has several research institutes: Road and Bridge Research Institute, Intelligent Transportation Operation Research Institute, Intelligent Transportation Safety Research Institute, Rail Transit Research Institute, and 3S Technology Research Institute, etc. Each has its own characteristic research direction and can carry out research work cooperatively. The ITS Research Center has maintained cooperation with Berkeley University of California, University of Virginia, Ibaraki University of Japan, and Zurich High Engineering in Switzerland, etc.


Two disciplines:

1. Traffic information engineering and control

Traffic information engineering and control is one of the most important research fields of intelligent transportation system discipline, and also the most popular research content of transportation engineering at home and abroad. As a new discipline, the discipline has developed rapidly in recent years. It has made a number of important research achievements in both theoretical research and practical application. The ITS center has the right to grant doctor's and master's degrees.


2. Road and railway engineering

This discipline aims at solving the key technical problems encountered in the construction of modern highways. After more than ten years of efforts, it has been in the leading position in terms of the theory and method of subgrade and pavement structure design, the research and development of new materials and technologies for pavement structure, and road drainage technology. In particular, the steel bridge deck pavement technology has reached the international leading level. Road and Railway Engineering is a national key discipline, and the ITS center has the right to grant doctor's and master's degrees.