Transportation Planning and Management  is one of the earliest established programs of its kind in China. With the mission of fostering virtue and talent, it serves the construction of a strong transportation country and is committed to cultivating leading talents in traffic planning, design, construction, management and other fields who possess broad professional foundations, excellent comprehensive qualities, and outstanding innovation abilities. Graduates of this program have been evaluated by multiple third-party organizations as having the most comprehensive strength in the country. This program is closely integrated with new technologies such as Internet plus, big data, and artificial intelligence to promote the development of intelligent and connected transportation, and has distinct characteristics of a new engineering discipline.

The discipline is closely integrates with the country's major needs and focuses on solving key technical issues related to modern road traffic planning, construction, and management. The department is in an internationally advanced and domestically leading position in areas such as urban traffic planning and management, multi-modal transportation system balance, intelligent and connected transportation, and more.

In recent years, the program has undertaken over 100 national and provincial research projects, as well as a large number of engineering applications, winning a total of 5 national science and technology progress awards and more than 30 provincial and ministerial-level science and technology progress awards. The independently developed Transportation Star - TranStar has broken the monopoly of foreign traffic simulation software and has been applied to more than 200 domestic and foreign units. The program has served as the leader of the national urban traffic smooth traffic project expert group for a long time, and has led the development of the national natural science foundation committee's transportation engineering discipline development strategy research for five consecutive sessions and served as the convener of the transportation and transportation engineering discipline evaluation group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council for three consecutive sessions.

Major Research Derections:

■  Transportation Planning

■  Transportation Management

■  Transportation Control and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

■  Traffic Flow Theory and Capacity

■  Energy Saving and Low Carbon in Urban Transport System

■  Transportation Safety

  Intelligent Connected Transportation (ICT)