The Department of Bridge Engineering at Southeast University originated from the road engineering group of the College of Engineering at the former National Central University and the bridge engineering discipline established by renowned Chinese bridge experts. It has now become an important base specializing in the training of high-level professionals engaged in scientific research, engineering design, and engineering technology management in bridge engineering.


The Department of Bridge Engineering caters to the national Belt and Road strategy and the demand for traffic infrastructure construction management. It cultivates leading talents with firm ideals and convictions, noble professional ethics, and outstanding innovative abilities, who are equipped with professional knowledge and capabilities in bridge engineering planning, design, construction, operation, and management.


The department has secured nearly 20 National Natural Science Foundation projects, over 50 provincial and ministerial-level government-sponsored research funds as well as over 100 major commercial research funds from enterprises and institutions. It has won 3 the State Preeminent Science and Technology Awards, more than 30 provincial and ministerial awards including provincial and municipal Science and Technology Progress Awards, and the China Highway Society Science and Technology Awards.


Looking to the future, the department aims to establish a world-class discipline and construct an innovative education system for bridge engineering, deepen international teaching models, and build a platform for the cultivation of innovative talents. It adheres to traditional research directions while also moving towards intelligent, informational, and digital development to cultivate leaders with an international perspective. It will comprehensively enhance the level of scientific research to create high-quality research outcomes with international impact. The department will focus on advancing the transformation of scientific research results and comprehensively enhancing the international influence of the discipline.