The discipline of vehicle operation engineering includes the vehicle operation engineering research institute for scientific research and the department of transport and logistics engineering for teaching. In total there are 9 professors and associate professors, six of them are doctoral supervisors. In addition to undergraduate degree in transportation, the discipline is entitled to award doctoral and master degrees. It was accredited as Jiangsu provincial specialty major in 2008, and then received the Ministry of Education engineering education professional certification.

This discipline has made fruitful achievements in the modern transportation technology, modern logistics technology, automobile use energy conservation and emission reduction technology, automobile application security technology etc. In past five years, it has completed and/or been undertaking 15 national natural science foundation projects, 10 provincial projects, and more than 150 other scientific research projects. Furthermore, they have published more than 50 papers cited in SCI and 100 papers cited in EI, in addition to more than 15 national patents.

Major Research Directions:     

   ·  Modern transportation technology

   ·  Modern logistics technology

   ·  Traffic safety technology

   ·  Vehicle energy conservation and environmental protection technology