In the new worldwide round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, intelligent transportation has become a promising direction for the development of future transportation systems. Relying on the inter-discipline of Transportation Engineering and Surveying and Mapping Science and Technology, The School of Transportation at Southeast University actively explored multidisciplinary integration, and established the Department of Intelligent Transportation and Spatial Information in 2022, which became the first batch of schools to offer Bachelor’s degree in Intelligent Transportation in China.

The Department of Intelligent Transportation and Spatial Information develops new academic growth points in the fields of traffic holographic sensing, navigation and positioning, human-vehicle-road coordination, and intelligent traffic control. The Department is dedicated to cultivating outstanding traffic engineers with solid theoretical foundations and powerful capacities of scientific innovation and engineering practices, who can deeply understand the intelligent transportation systems composed of transportation, vehicles, communications, computer engineering, and other disciplines. The prospective graduates can master design, planning, construction, management, operating, and maintenance of the whole life cycle and multi-factor engineering technology.

Currently, The Department of Intelligent Transportation and Spatial Information has 42 teachers, including 3 national talents and 3 national young talents. The Department implements professional cultivating modes which focus on academic foundations, and teach students in the two directions of “vehicle-road collaborative control” and “navigation and perception”. In the context of increasing international competition, The School of Transportation takes the initiative to innovate, promotes integrated development with interdisciplinary innovation, and endeavors to the national strategy of building strong transportation networks and the national great rejuvenation through practical actions!