Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

The precursor of Bridge and Tunnel Engineering is created by the famous bridge specialists Maoyisheng and Liushuxun, as road research group in former NationalCentralUniversity. In the recent years, it has becomeone of the most important training centers in cultivating high-caliberprofessionals in bridge and tunnel research, engineering, and management. There are 21 full-time faculties, including 5 professors, 4 associate professors (5 doctorial supervisors, 9 master supervisors). It has the authorityto award the master and doctor’s degree, in addition to the undergraduate program of Highway and Bridge engineering. The mayor of Highway and Bridge engineering has been ranked asthe national specialty mayor in 2010. It was also awarded the title of “instruction innovative group” in the national level.

There currently are 5 NSFC projects, 2 National 863 plan projects, 6 National western transportation construction projects, and 18 provincial projects. It won 2 national prizes for progress in science and technology, 13 Provincial Prizes for the progress in science and technology, 1 national teaching achievement award, and 11 provincial teaching achievement awards. It published11 academic textbooks and over 180 papers in important academic journals. The course of “Principle of Structure Design” was awarded the title of “the Provincial and National High Quality Course” in 2010.

Major Research Directions:

   ·  Structure design and maintenance management of Long-span bridge

   ·  Mechanical characteristics research of composite bridge structure

   ·  Fine analysis theory and method of elaborate bridge structure

   ·  Bridge hazard mitigation and fire resistance research

   ·   Research on Bridge structure durability and life circle design theory

   ·  In-depth research on bridge strengthening and widening theory

   ·  Analytical method and monitoring techniques of highway tunnel and subway track